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Hello and welcome to...

Ophelia Button, the colourful world of Nico where all kinds of forgotten treasures are lovingly fashioned into pretty pieces of vintage-inspired handmade jewellery, accessories and well, things that are made for the sole purpose of looking nice!

As well as producing a unique range of treasures for sale at craft fairs across the North West, Nico (when able - which is not as much as she would like) also designs and delivers creative craft workshops across the Greater Manchester area. These are suitable for both kids and kidults, and offer a whole range of exciting craft projects that focus on the re-use of everyday finds (a bit like The Womble's!).

"Although I am only able to live in this ideal little world part time at present, I dream of opening 'Ophelia Button's emporium'. And what will that be? Well it can be anything it wants!" x

Why not come along to Lo Fi DIY? A monthly crafting social event in Manchester.

If you'd like to be added to the mailing list, drop me a line via our Contact page putting "Lo Fi DIY" in your subject heading.

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